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Here I have a series of stories, fun supplements, and other jazz. I hope you enjoy it.

Official Fiction

MechCommander Opening Cinema
Project Omega: April Fools Day

Empires Aflame

Empires Aflame

Fan Fiction

Augustus' Stories
Cray's Stories
endersdouble's Stories
The GoldFish Saga
Grey's Shadow Stories
    Concrete Dragons
    Grey's Shadows
    Veiled Republic
    Grinder's Switch
Hunter's Story Archive - Website
JackMC's Stories
Jacob Marley's Stories
Jason Weiser's Stories
Kojak's Stories
Kyu Kage's Stories
Marwynn's Stories
Medron Pryde's Stories
    BattleTech Pryde Rock Stories
    Civilizations Universe Stories
The Nice Guy's Stories

Official Fiction

MechCommander Opening Cinema
This story was written and published on the MechCommander website back when that program was being sold. It was saved by Trace Coburn of the CBT forums and recently e-mailed to me so I could push it up here. It is a cool little write up of the opening cinema that is fun to read.

Project Omega: April Fools Day
This is the famous April Fools Day joke played on all of us BattleTech fans by MacAttack and Warner Doles on the Classic BattleTech site. I only wish it were true, for then the Wolverines and the Minnesota Tribe (everybody knows they are one and the same after all) would be back kicking butt (gotta censor it for the kids after all) and not even bother to take names! *sniff sniff* But at least we can remember it here. I'm placing it in the official fiction area because it was released to us on the official site, even if it is by no means canon. ;)

Empires Aflame

Empires Aflame
The Empires Aflame Alternate Universe was officially published by Catalyst as part of their Halloween 2015 free giveaway. It posits that a sniper killed General Kerensky before he led the SLDF away from Terra and that one change resulted in a universe where the SLDF remained and fought to protect Terra. The resulting universe is eerily similar and yet greatly different.

Empires Aflame
Is downloadable for free here. It is a MechWarrior Adventure with a brief sourcebook in the back.

Field Manual Terran Supremacy - By DarthRads - Uploaded April 15, 2015
This fan supplement gives increased details about the Terran Supremacy armed forces, as well as a brief history of the Supremacy and many of the most high profile military units.

Stars Aflame - By Medron Pryde - Uploaded April 15, 2015
This fan supplement details the naval fleets of the primary nations of the Empires Aflame setting. It includes a brief history of naval warfare in the Empires Aflame, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each faction, provides fleet listings, and an optional supplemental area with larger reserves, and special projects that could be of use to players or GMs alike.

Stars Aflame Record Sheets - By Medron Pryde - Uploaded April 23, 2015
Record Sheets for the new or modified designs mentioned in my Stars Aflame fan supplement. All of the designs are based on canon Prime timeline spacecraft, and most differ only in the reduction of Clan technologies to Star League technologies. I designed no new craft for this supplement. That was a difficult decision to make.

Stars Aflame Record Sheets - Spectral IIs - By Medron Pryde - Uploaded April 23, 2015
Record Sheets for the possible Spectral II Project mentioned in the Stars Aflame. Two of the designs come from other non-cannon Fan projects. Most of the designs included in this supplement do not follow the current LAM Construction Rules due to mass and technological limitations. For purposes of this supplement, the Spectral II Project is a Terran Supremacy attempt to break through those limitations and introduce a new generation of LAM technology to the Human Sphere.

Fan Fiction

Augustus' Stories - I've only seen one story so far by him, but it is a fun one

If an UrbanMech Were Trapezoid in Shape - Uploaded 01-12-2004
A story about the almighty UrbanMech as it waddles out to deal with enemies great and small...ok ok...maybe just small...:-) I enjoyed it.

Cray's Stories - Another good writer.

Aethra - The Sunless Sea - Uploaded 01-12-2004
A very interesting story about warfare in a truely alien environment. A gas giant. He has a full world designed around this and it is a very interesting one. I like it.

Mystery 'Mechs From Beyond the Periphery Part 1 - Uploaded 02-03-2004
Mystery 'Mechs From Beyond the Periphery Part 2 - Uploaded 02-03-2004
Mystery 'Mechs From Beyond the Periphery Part 3 - Uploaded 02-03-2004
Mystery invaders in never before seen 'Mechs begin attacking the Periphery, stealing cows, and creating havoc. In case you haven't figured it out, this is a funny story. A very nice and amusing read and I suggest you check it out...:-)

endersdouble's Stories - Only one story so far, but it's a goody.

Blitzkreig - Uploaded 01-12-2004
An interesting intro story for a redesign on the Blitzkreig. A fun little read.

The Goldfish Saga - Stories about the Warriors of the DropShip and the DropShip Irregulars, some of these are written by MacAttack who created both groups, while others are written by the members of the old "The DropShip" message boards and the new "HeavyMetalPro" message boards. The DropShip Irregulars are actually a canon unit now, though I doubt in canon BTech they are as...crazy as those you see in these stories.

Team Bonsai Warriors of the DropShip 204th Bearded Cavalry
First Kilted DropShip Irregulars Barrel of Monkeys

Barrel of Monkeys - Chainsawassassin - Pirates and Recyclers - Uploaded 01-13-2004
Comedy. Pure comedy. But fun to read. Like the GoldFish Saga, this uses characters from message boards, in this case the HeavyMetalPro boards. Those poor buggers were placed in a crazy situation where the pirates are insane, and the locals make them look like pictures of mental health. This is believed to be the first appearance of the Dropship Irregulars group called the Barrel of Monkeys.

Tide of Goldfish - Uploaded 01-12-2004
The original story written by MacAttack that spawned much crazyness at The Dropship. It was the first story written to tell the tales of The Warriors of The Dropship, a crazy collection of Clanners, Spheroids, and Periphery scum.

Heir to the Dugong - Uploaded 01-12-2004
The semi-sequel to Tide of GoldFish, this was written collectively by The Warriors of The Dropship and told the tale of how they fought off a new threat. Warning. There are many parodies and "adaptations" in this little story.

Clams of Kerensky - Uploaded 01-12-2004
Written by MacAttack, this was the sequel to Tide of GoldFish, and semi-sequel to Heir to the Dugong. It told the "REAL" tale of the incidents that caused the Wolverines to be abjured and destroyed, and furthered the adventures of The Warriors of The Dropship as they worked to find out what happened in the long dark past. Has not yet been finished unfortunately.

Barrel of Monkeys - Grey's Shadow - And Heeeeere's Johnny! - Uploaded 01-13-2004
A crazy dude in a tricked out Firestarter. Yes...you CAN trick out a Firestarter. :-) The design is shown at the bottom of the story, but this is essentially the introduction of Grey's Shadow's character in the Barrel of Monkeys. These guys are looking crazier every day. They make the WOTD look downright respectable....*blink blink*....naw....nothing could do that...:-)

BattleCarp: Tide of Darkness - Uploaded 03-15-2004
Written by the dudes on the HeavyMetalPro message boards, this is the story of the DropShip Irregulars' fight against a new enemy to the Inner Sphere. The insidious BattleCarp and their masters.

Designs piloted by members of the Dropship Irregulars

Warriors of the Dropship - Medron Pryde's Zero LAM - Uploaded 10-10-2003
Warriors of the Dropship - Fokker's Shadow Hawk LAM - Uploaded 10-10-2003
Warriors of the Dropship - Marcus Hunter's Snow Raven LAM - Uploaded 10-13-2003
10th Starlost Rednecks - Steelfang's Stingray - Uploaded 10-10-2003
Barrel of Monkeys - Motown Scrapper's Cheetah - Uploaded 10-14-2003
Barrel of Monkeys - Bowtie Bob's Defiler Keg Stand - Uploaded 04-27-2004
204th Bearded Cavalry - Major Tom's Archer - Uploaded 04-27-2004

Grey's Shadow's Stories - I think some of his factions are a bit overpowerful, but he writes good stuff. Here it is, with some dividers to separate his main genre stories.

Concrete Dragons - Stories of a hardluck mercenary unit made of the much maligned Urbie. They are good stories, and the unit is believable and likeable. I find myself caring about the characters, and for me, that is what makes or breaks a story...:-)

Concrete Dragons - Beggars Can't Be Choosers - Uploaded 02-02-2004
Down on their luck and unable to get a contract, the Dragons are ready to take any offer. Down on their luck and unable to get a unit, an out of the way planet is ready to take any signature. A marriage made in Heaven? Or Hell?

Concrete Dragons - Getting There is Half the Fun - Uploaded 02-02-2004
They have a new contract. Now they need to get there. Oh the joys of dealing with jumpship owners.

Concrete Dragons - First Battle - Uploaded 02-02-2004
They were hired to fight. Now they get to fulfill their contract the old fashioned way. Planetary Militias and the Urbies stride confidently into battle. Or is that a waddle I spy with my Mark One eye?

Concrete Dragons - Bring Out Your Dead! - Uploaded 02-02-2004
The battle is over, and now the survivors must deal with their own brushes with death, and the deaths of those who did not survive.

Concrete Dragons - Now Bury the Dead - Uploaded 02-02-2004
Comrades are buried, prisoners are interrogated, and old acquaintances make for an interesting twist in the story of the Concrete Dragons.

Concrete Dragons - Old 'Mechs, New Face - Uploaded 03-31-2004
The Dragons relax as repairs are made and a new member is added to the team.

Concrete Dragons - The Best Laid Plans - Uploaded 03-31-2004
What do you do when you're outgunned, outnumbered, outmanuevered, and unable to run? I always thought you conned the enemy into thinking you weren't. Or that you were. ;-)

Concrete Dragons - Sooner or Later - Uploaded 03-31-2004
No matter how good the con is, there are times when you have to step forward, take your lumps, and hope it worked. The Dragons prepare for their next battle, running through all the last minute preparations that need to be done. The pirates are coming.

Grey's Shadows - These stories all reference his Grey's Shadows mercenary unit, a unit that has been around since at least the 3020s and is still kicking butt without even bothering to take names in the 3060s.

Grey's Shadows - 3030 - Valley of the Shadows - Uploaded 01-08-2004
The Grey's Shadows get to say hello personally to a Marik unit. They work for the Lyrans. As you can guess, they don't exactly drink tea together. Fun story overall.

Grey's Shadows - 3050 - Uninvited Guests - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Grey's Shadows are still working for the Lyrans when they get to say hello to a Clan Wolf unit. It's your classic fan fic about a mercenary unit getting the Clans to think they are honorable warriors. In 3050.

Grey's Shadows - Off the Battlefield - Part 1 - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Sometime after the Clan Invasion, this is a nice story about some of the time they spend out of their cockpits. I like some of the more intricate hook ups they have to perform...;-)

Grey's Shadows - Off the Battlefield - Part 2 - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Sometime after the Clan Invasion, this is an interesting story. I'm not going to spoil it for you if you haven't read it yet, but it is very interesting...;-)

Grey's Shadows - 3060 - Taming a Falcon - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Mercs fighting Jade Falcons and taking the spoils of war. Heck, I'd do that too if I had the balls to try....:-)

Grey's Shadows - 3060 - The Other Side of Huntress - Uploaded 02-05-2004
On Huntress, an Smoke Jaguar warrior and his men fight to give civilians time to retreat from the Inner Sphere forces shattering all of their military power.

Grey's Shadows - 3068 - A Warrior's Place - Uploaded 01-08-2004
What do you do when you have too many Elementals and not enough spare parts? Check here if you want to find out.

Grey's Shadows - Off the Battlefield - Part 3 - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Bondsmen for sale, bondsmen for sale! In the played out gaming universe that the Shadows are in, the Wolf Clan has taken heavy casualties and needs all the vatbrat dudes and dudettes it can get. So where do they look? Mercenaries of course. Where else does a Clan get honorable warriors after all? I believe this is placed in 3068.

Grey's Shadows - Off the Battlefield - Part 4 - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Sometimes surprises can be good. I believe this is placed in 3068 as well.

The Veiled Republic - Go east of the Inner Sphere a ways to a Republic of systems far away that were settled by Star League refugees who missed the Exodus and later by remnants of Clan Wolverine. Put in a dash of Comstar bashing, a tad of Clanner back talking, and a military that can handle anything from warships to dinos and you've got a place where anything can happen. Well designed place with some fun stories and jazz. I hope you like them.

Veiled Republic - Hunter or Hunted - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Have you ever wanted to fight a wolverine the size of a tank with armored scales? If so, check this out to know what you'll be in for. Very fun read the reminds me of some of my New Volsinii stories from a game I was in a while back. Gotta love animals that can play wack'a'Mech. Unless you're in the 'Mech in question.

Veiled Republic - Hooking the Shark - Uploaded 02-04-2004
Only the second non-design-introducing story I've seen about the Veiled Republic, this one is placed during the Republic's confrontation with Clan Diamond Shark.

Veiled Republic - The Moment of Realization - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Ever wondered what a Blakist thinks when a warship's coming for him? And just him? This also doubles as a way to show off a new warship design, but it is a fun story in its own right.

Veiled Republic - The Comstar Invasion - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Once again, the baddest dudes in the eastern reaches of the Periphery do their darndest to give Comstar a warship-sized wedgie...that's gotta hurt.

Veiled Republic - Kannon Medical Armor - Uploaded 01-07-2004
I nice story that serves as the introduction of a nice speciality battlearmor designed for medical uses. I like it.

Veiled Republic - Warbow OmniMech - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Another good story, this one introduces a 'Mech.

Veiled Republic - Barbary Marine Armor - Uploaded 02-04-2004
A story about pirates that introduces a VRDF powered armor suit.

Veiled Republic - Churchil Assault OmniTank - Uploaded 02-04-2004
A story designed to introduce the new Churchill OmniTank, a truly nasty design I would hate to fight against.

Veiled Republic - Valiant Class Destroyer Carrier - Uploaded 02-04-2004
I love naval stuff, and I really love aerospace stuff. Something that brings the two together in one is bound to make me happy. And this does that in spades...:-)

Veiled Republic - Swallow Light Fighter - Uploaded 02-04-2004
Aerospace rules. Especially when its fast enough to run away from something that can kill it.

Veiled Republic - Pugilist Interceptor - Uploaded 02-04-2004
Did I say something about running away? Well, you won't have to very often if you are flying this bad boy.

Veiled Republic - Outrider Hover Scout - Uploaded 02-04-2004
A nice cheap little scout that can move like a bat on fire. And the dude in charge still doesn't think it's fast enough.

Veiled Republic - Freedom's Ring - Uploaded 02-04-2004
Dating from the Star League, the Freedom's Ring is the Potempkin Troop Cruiser that brought her Star League troops out to form the Veiled Republic after they missed the rendevous with Kerensky. According to rumor, a piece of her is placed in every VRDF warship. Now, after a three hundred years of service, the Veiled Republic has upgraded her to her new and possibly final configuration. It is a very nice warship.

Veiled Republic - Eyrie Class Light Carrier - Uploaded 02-04-2004
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love carriers because they bring together my two great loves. Warships, and fighters. Oh yeah. I have yet to meet a carrier I didn't love.

Grinder's Switch - A small periphery world that has been out there longer then the Star League...like a lot of worlds out there. Has some fun stuff in it.

Grinder's Switch - Happy Halloween - Uploaded 01-07-2004
A Comstar jumpship finds a long lost jumpship floating in space and ignores the local's warning about ships being haunted out in the Far Rim.

Grinder's Switch - Voyage to McMurdo - Uploaded 01-07-2004
Ever wanted to go some place so cold that getting your tongue frozen to a light pole is the LEAST of your worries? If so, Grinder's Switch Travels has the location for YOUR next vacation. :-)

Grinder's Switch - A Good Name - Uploaded 02-02-2004
"All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." John Masefield's "Sea Fever" says it best, and this very short story tells the tale of one ship that can stand tall indeed.

Grinder's Switch - What in Tarnation... - Uploaded 01-07-2004
A Grinder's Switch patrol finds a stash of 'Mechs. Yes, this is another story that introduces a design. hehehe.

Miscellaneous Stories - Generally stories he does that have nothing to do with his other main stuff. Lots of very fun stuff here.

3025 - Death Before Dispossession - Uploaded 01-07-2004
Actually "just" a story intro for a new variant on the Scorpion quad 'Mech, but it was a very good story and I liked it. I definitely recommend it. Very fun read.

3028 - Where are those LRMs Coming From? - Uploaded 01-07-2004
Another story that is an intro to a design. An LRM variant of the Urbie. It's a good story, and a neat idea to do to an Urbie.

Both Ends Against the Middle - Uploaded 01-07-2004
A story about smuggling, betrayal, and family feuds in the Italian style. Sweet. I loved it.

Lee's Longshots - No One Left Behind...Not Even an Urbie - Uploaded 01-07-2004
Lee's Longshots are on the run. What do you do when the Urbie is piloted by the bravest warrior in the company?

When in Rome - Uploaded 01-08-2004
Do you remember zerglings in StarCraft? If not, here's your chance to see their evil little cousins at work. And remember, if the locals tell you to hike up your skirts and dance like a madman, they just might have a reason for it. They might just want to laugh at you, but if they do it too, you might want to think about following suit. :-)

How Many Marians? - Uploaded 01-07-2004
Another of his many stories that serve as introductions to designs, this one is an up close and personal one that deals with battlearmor. It looks like a very very nice story. And a good design as well.

Hunter's Story Archive - Website - Updated 09-06-2003
Hunter has been collecting stories posted on the HeavyMetal Forums for some time and is putting them into a full website and here it is. Beware that it does not have many story titles in it, and while most of the stories are clearly Grey's Shadow's, others are clearly not. I just can't find credits for who's some of them are...:-( Any ways, there are a lot of fun stories here.

JackMC's Stories - One Story so far. Very nice.

Mending Legs - Uploaded 01-12-2004
A tale of broken warriors and 'Mechs looking to heal each other. Very nice.

Mending Legs Part 2 - Pollux Falls - Uploaded 01-12-2004
During the FedCom Civil War, many were injured and many lost everything. This is one of those stories. I enjoyed it.

Mending Legs Part 3 - Behind Blue Eyes 1 - Uploaded 01-12-2004
What happens to an old MechWarrior when he can no longer fight. Some can adapt. Some can't. This story is about one who can't.

Gerhardt's Grenadiers - 3066 - Paid in Full - Uploaded 01-12-2004
Vengeance is a dish best served cold. And Paid in Full.

Jacob Marley's Stories

Here Kitty Kitty - Uploaded 02-05-2004
BattleMechs in the periphery caught in the middle of townspeople and rebels with really big cats. No. I mean REALLY big cats. :-)

Jason Weiser's Stories - So far, I've only seen one story by him, but it is good.

Fanatic - Uploaded 01-12-2004
How do you interrogate a captured fanatic? Read this session with a Word of Blake prisoner to see the ordeal.

Kojak's Stories - He does good short stories that make you feel them. A good painter with words.

Dmitry's Story - Uploaded 01-12-2004
A MechWarrior rides into a town devastated by battle, looking for something dear to his heart.

Kojak's Story - Uploaded 01-12-2004
A MechWarrior on Solaris remembers why he hates Mondays.

Kye Kage's Stories

NSS - The Set Up - Uploaded 02-05-2004
When you care to send the very best...erm...call NSS? Or maybe that's just when you want to go under the radar? Ah well, a very entertaining read that was most definately worth my time.

Marwynn's Stories - He does good short work. I'm very impressed with it.

Embers - Uploaded 01-12-2004
A dark story that the author rated PG-13 because of content and language. I agree. I also think it is a very good story. I was completely taken in by it. By the end, I was no longer reading it, I was seeing it.

Circle - Uploaded 02-05-2004
Another dark story that tells the story of a new recruit and the full circle of his involvement with other mercenaries.

When a Sword Cries - Uploaded 02-05-2004
At Luthien, the Combine fights for its life against the Invading Clans. Another good story by Marwynn that was good to read.

Medron Pryde's Stories - Yes, this is me, the dude who actually runs P.R.I. and now you know the REAL reason I've always wanted to add this area to P.R.I.. You see, I write stories too...:-)

Pryde Rock - These are the tales of the people I have in my Pryde Rock faction. It started with a simple roleplaying game and ballooned out into a faction that I've spent over a decade gaming with. I've played more battles with them than I can count, and I've forgotten more than I will ever remember... These stories I'm now writing are designed to tell the stories of people of that world. Not every story is exactly what happened in the old games, mainly because I'm trying to keep it as close to in line with the official universe as possible. For instance, unlike the old battles, the Lothian League is not liberated from Marian oppression by ComStar and my people...

However, all of these stories, while not exactly accurate with the battles, do fit the spirit of the people, and do accurately represent the history they now have in the BattleTech universe.

I hope you enjoy them.

Pryde Rock - 3053 - Undercover Eagle - Updated 03-03-2004
Placed on Solaris VII, before the formation of Terra's Pryde, Medron Pryde was approached by SAFE to help them in infiltrating a noble's estate to obtain information proving the noble was a traitor. He had no idea how that mission would effect his future.

Pryde Rock - 3053 - Berserker Dreams - Updated 03-03-2004
Placed on Solaris VII, before the formation of Terra's Pryde, Medron Pryde was a rising star on the gameworld in the Serra-Pryde-class BattleMech his father built. In this story, he took Serra against a Berserker.

Pryde Rock - 3054 - Eagles Taking Flight - Updated 03-03-2004
On Atreus, Medron Pryde asked a former rival to join him in a new mercenary unit with a very old name.

Pryde Rock - 3054 - Eagle Eye - Uploaded 03-17-2004
While forming a new mercenary unit, Medron was tracked down by a person who's life he had adversely affected in the past. She wanted payback.

Pryde Rock - 3055 - Poor Bloody Infantry - Updated 03-18-2004
On Sirius, the young mercenary unit Terra's Pryde was on contract to Alisender Gym, teaching his police how to fight better. A small rebellion started and they were forced to side with Gym, not knowing what would happen in the Sirian Holds in the future.

Pryde Rock - 3056 - Saving Yanak Grishkov - Updated 03-22-2004
On Gibson, a Comstar operative was being extricated from a Wobblie compound by the "elite" Terra's Pryde infantry units of Second Pryde. About the time this story started, the poor guy was thinking that he was better off before they "rescued" him. I'm not entirely certain his feelings on the matter ever changed in fact.

Pryde Rock - 3056 - Silent War - Updated 03-23-2004
Second Pryde took a contract with the Marian Hegemony to handle a "small pirate force" which they learned after accepting it was not as small as the numbers noted in their contract. They were not happy with the Marians. And they were about to learn that war in space is an eerie thing. As the old saying goes, nobody can hear you scream. Unless they are in a Bug-Eye, but that's neither here nor there.

Pryde Rock - 3056 - Sheepdogs in Wolves' Clothing - Updated 03-24-2004
The pirates were even larger than the Marians' "error-adjusted" statement, leaving Second Pryde REALLY pissed with them. But they had a plan to deal with the pirates. Infiltrate and Conquer.

Pryde Rock - 3056 - Bondswoman - Updated 03-25-2004
What do you do with prisoners of war? When they were pirates? Or worse. What do pirates do to their prisoners of war? And how does it all link together?

Pryde Rock - 3056 - Buried Treasure - Updated 03-29-2004
The pirates had access to some Star League equipment, and were searching for other rumored storehouses in the area. So Second Pryde sent their "elite" infantry forces to scour the lands for them. The same "elite" forces that rescued Yanak Grishkov. Here is the story of how they fulfilled their duty with all the seriousness, composure, and control expected of such distinguished operatives. :-)

Pryde Rock - 3056 - Star Light, Star Bright - Uploaded 03-30-2004
On Outreach, Medron Pryde relayed the message telling him what David found at the pirate base to his most trusted people. The search for a new contract was most definately off. He just had to decide what he was going to do next, and how he was going to survive the next few, probably very painful, weeks.

Pryde Rock - 3057 - First Meeting - Uploaded 04-27-2004
Pryde Rock is an interesting place, with interesting people, and interesting installations buried under the surface. ComStar loved the installations, and Terra's Pryde was more than happy to stake a claim on the rest. Especially if they were getting paid for it. After travelling from Outreach to Terra to Pryde Rock, Medron Pryde was spending his time checking out the sights to see how his people had been handling themselves. He was in for a few surprises, some pleasant and others confusing.

Civilizations - a universe of my own creation, imagine that aliens came to Terra thousands of years ago and influenced the creation of all our oldest civilizations before disappearing amidst a war that destroyed the most powerful of them. Then imagine that in 3317, after three Interstellar Wars that ravaged mankind, the survivors of those civilizations made Second Contact with us, and we found out that they were human too. This is a universe where humanity has MANY homeworlds, not just Terra. And WE are the underdogs in a millenia-long cold war between civilizations from our own history and legends. The question is, which legends are history, and what histories are legend?

Terran Front - First Front A century after the Fourth Interstellar War cut a swath through the Civilized Sectors, a single Terran colony in the old Arnami Sector is the First Front of the cold war between the survivors of the older civilizations as it begins to boil over again.
Rated PG-13 for sexual innuendo, mild language, and graphic violence
First Front Prologue - Updated 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 01 - Updated 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 02 - Updated 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 03 - Updated 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 04 - Updated 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 05 - Updated 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 06 - Updated 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 07 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 08 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 09 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 10 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 11 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 12 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 13 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 14 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 15 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 16 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 17 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 18 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 19 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Chapter 20 - Uploaded 03-23-2005
First Front Epilogue - Uploaded 03-23-2005

The Nice Guy's stories - What I have now is Seekers in Shadows, a long and very complicated but GOOD storyline in which there WAS no Jihad. A fun read over all. He rates it R.

Seekers in Shadows - Prologue
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter One
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Two
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Three
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Four
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Five
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Six
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Seven
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Eight
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Nine
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Ten
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Eleven
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Twelve
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Thirteen
Seekers in Shadows - Chapter Fourteen

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