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MacAttack's HeavyMetal Vee Review: Posted March 24, 2001
Since some people think I'm biased (All hail HeavyMetal), which I think is frankly absurd, I have decided not to write a review on HeavyMetal Vee. My HeavyMetal Pro review wasn't trusted until someone who will remain nameless (COUGHCAMILLECOUGH) said the program was good so I haven't bothered this time around. Lucky me, another BTech fan who people probably trust has written a review about HeavyMetal Vee (All hail Rick Raisley). It was originally featured on The Technical Readout, a very good website that is unfortunately currently down. I hope you enjoy the article.

Camille's HeavyMetal Pro Review: Posted Novemeber 11, 2000
Hello nurse. I have finally gotten a hold of the review Camille wrote some time ago and then lost so it was never published. Ah well...what once was lost now is found....;-)

HeavyMetal Pro Review: Posted July 14, 2000
Ah yes. Another review by me. Don't worry, I only gave Rick a mild heart attack when he read it the first time. If you have any wish to learn about this program, check it out. It's eye opening.

HeavyMetal Pro Added Weapons: Posted June 7, 2000
Here is a list of the new weapons FASA has FINALLY approved for use in the HeavyMetal Pro program.

HeavyMetal Pro Screenshots: Posted May 20, 2000 Last Update on May 23, 2000
Here is a collection of 21 screenshots for HMP made available to me by the author of HMP.

HeavyMetal Pro Press Release: Posted May 16, 2000
This press release details the soon to be available HeavyMetal Pro.

HeavyMetal Features: Posted December, 1999
This was drafted by the author of HeavyMetal himself. Note that this is ALSO aimed at the original HeavyMetal, NOT HeavyMetal PRO.

HeavyMetal Review: Posted August, 1999
This was originally written by me in December, 1998 and was edited by me for this posting after using it since my initial review. Note that this is a review for the old HeavyMetal, NOT the NEW HeavyMetal PRO which is now out. Yes, I'm a hopeless packrat.....;-)

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