<< 3059
The planet Port Arthur.
Deep in Clan space.
The invasion begins.

The quiet blue-green haze of a planet fills part of our sight, protected from the cold darkness of space by a thin blanket of atmosphere. Above it, a communications satellite hangs waiting to die. It does, lanced through by the powerful laser of an approaching aerospace fighter. "That's the last comsat," radios the aerospace fighter. "Moving to escort position." It maneuvers clear of the debris from the satellite. Suddenly, a huge dropship slams into view in front of us, so close that we can almost see inside its windows.

"Roger, thanks for the assist." The flight officer for the huge starship replies as maneuvering thrusters spin the dropship's orientation, pointing its powerful main engines toward the planet. Aboard the ship, announcements echo through the metal halls.

"'Mech bays shift to ready status. Combat operations have begun."

"Attention all decks: prepare for immediate gravity change. We are beginning our approach."

The dropship falls toward the planet, moving quickly, as two other dropships slip into position to join it.


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