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Babylon 5 Armada
Babylon 5 Armada II - Webpage
Babylon 5 Freespace 2 - Webpage
Babylon 5 Homeworld - Webpage
Babylon 5 Homeworld - Great Wars - Webpage
Babylon 5 Independence War - Webpage
Babylon 5 I've Found Her - Webpage
Babylon 5 Sector 87 - Webpage
Babylon 5 X-Wing Alliance - Webpage
Wing Commander Armada - Webpage

Babylon 5 Armada Mod
Armada Mod Patch
The excellently done B5 total conversion for Star Trek Armada. I've played it...I like it.

Babylon 5 Armada II - Webpage
A total conversion of the great game Star Trek Armada II to Babylon 5, this conversion is in progress and I do not how long it will take to finish it.

Babylon 5 Freespace 2 Mod - The Babylon Project - Webpage
A mod for Freespace 2, this looks way cool. I only wish I had FS 2 to try it out with...

Babylon 5 Homeworld Mod - Webpage
Another of the many abandoned mod projects out there, this mods Homeworld to Babylon 5. I'm not sure how good it is, but it looks good.

Babylon 5 Homeworld - Great Wars Mods - Webpage
This Homeworld mod appears to be still active, with new models still being added. Mods worked on here include the Narn-Centauri War, the Shadow War, the EA Civil War, and the Dilgar Invasion. They are also working on the War of the Ancients. The models in this game are truely awesome and I can't recommend them enough.

Babylon 5 Independence War 1 and 2 Mod - Buda 5 - Webpage
A conversion kit that mods Independence War and Independence War II to Babylon 5. As I don't have either games, I don't know how good it is.

Babylon 5 I've Found Her - Webpage
A freeware flight sim built from the ground up where you fly a Starfury into battle. Looks nice.

Babylon 5 Sector 87 - Webpage
A freeware clone of the game Asteriods in which you get to use a White Star to do some serious damage to the nearest asteroid belt...anyone up for some "urban renovations?"

Babylon 5 X-Wing Alliance - Webpage
A mod of X-Wing Alliance, this thing looks good too....

Wing Commander Armada - Invasion - Webpage http://www.scifialliance.com/ currently down May come back up.
An incomplete at this time but very interesting Wing Commander mod. If you've ever wanted to send the Tiger's Claw into battle again, or take a Broadsword up against a Wasp, this is your chance. The Confederation, Border Worlds, and Nephilim are all active factions, and the makers are working on getting the Kilrathi working. At present, the screenshots show some Kilrathi models that look better then the actual Wing Commander games. And I ain't joking there. The models ARE better. In order to make it work you have to install the Armada 1.2 patch, then the 3.5 version of the mod, followed by unzipping the 3.6 patch (Nephilim patch) into the Armada directory.

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