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The Drawing Board

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 95
Pentium-class processor

Laser or Inkjet printer (required for output)

New Technology - The Drawing Board supports the vast majority of the level 3 equipment found in Maximum Tech, as well as older level 1 and 2 equipment.

Multiple Print Options - You can choose between graphical and linear print methods, depending on your personal preferences.

Damage Analysis - Maximum and average damage by hex analysis screens allow for easy range bracket determinations.

BV and Cost Calculations - Full Battle Value and C-Bill Cost support, as well as a summary breakdown screen.

BattleMech History - The Drawing Board support the input and printing of Technical Readout-style "fluff" text, and comes with a database of BattleMech and Equipment manufacturers.

Note - The Drawing Board is no longer being developed. Recent progress on the program has been simple weapons updates and bug fixes.

Known Issues
Issue Date Reported Status
Added in OS and Improved OS Streak launchers N/A Fixed - Build 67
Fixed several bugs in weapons DB N/A Fixed - Build 67
Added in compact HS. They can only be allocated in pairs. 3 tons. 1 crit. 2 heat dissipation N/A Fixed - Build 67
Fixed many many hidden and low priority bugs. N/A Fixed - Build 67
Stopped Auto-Allocate from trying to allocate items in the arms of armless mechs. 3/9/98 Fixed - Build 65
Removed Clan PPC, AC/2, AC/5, AC/10 and AC/20 since they are illegal (direct message from FASA). If you have a mech with these weapons mounted, it may not open correctly. 3/8/98 Fixed - Build 65
Fixed error 380 that happens when opening some mechs N/A Feature - Build 65
Added 'link lines' to the allocation screen. These lines are just like those on the printout that link all the crits of one item. N/A Feature - Build 65
Added pilot database to Print dialog. You can now pre-define pilots and their stats and choose them from the combobox N/A Feature - Build 65
Added ability to alter armor by using +/- and pgup/pgdn keys N/A Feature - Build 65
Added coolant pods, cowl (MFUK), grenade launchers N/A Feature - Build 65
Removed Clan LAMs since they are illegal. If you made a Clan LAM, it will not open correctly if you try to open it now. 3/7/98 Fixed - Build 65
Fixed turrets so that they take up a crit slot. Mechs that were made before this release that have turrets WILL NOT have the critslot. You will need to remove the turret and put it back on. 3/6/98 Fixed - Build 65
Added ability to specify the total tonnage or total number of points of armor and have TDB auto place it N/A Feature - Build 65
Fixed bug that allowed removal of lower and hand actuators that were on a locked base chassis of an omni mech 3/5/98 Fixed - Build 65
Fixed rounding of endo steel on level 2 mechs 2/27/98 Fixed - Build 62
Added ability to change current config of omni mech within MultiPrint N/A Feature - Build 62
Fixed bug in the routine that counts the number of free slots 2/26/98 Fixed - Build 62
Fixed bug when trying to allocate weapons arms to arms of omni mechs 2/26/98 Fixed - Build 62
Fixed heinously ugly bug in saving CASE. This _should_ fix the bug that some mechs mysteriously have case in EVERY location as well as fixing a crash in saving a mech with more than 7 variants 2/26/98 Fixed - Build 62
Fixed bug in search engine that resulted in an error 52 if searching on the root of a drive 2/26/98 Fixed - Build 62
Fixed bug in quads the sometimes gave them 12 crits in the front legs 2/24/98 Fixed - Build 62
Fixed Error #9 when removing items from the head on clan mechs 2/24/98 Fixed - Build 62
Fixed A-Pods on Bipeds (able to move to any location) and quads (couldn't install in front legs) 2/22/98 Fixed - Build 61
Fixed history exports and printouts for C3, ECM, TAG and Probes 2/22/98 Fixed - Build 61
Fixed jump jets so that they reload properly on level 1 mechs 2/20/98 Fixed - Build 61
Fixed 'Printer Setup' so that it actually works 2/19/98 Fixed - Build 61
Altered heat scale to resize to fit (will be bigger and more readable if it can fit) N/A Feature - Build 61
Added Fractional Accounting - Does not do fractional ammo (unlikely ever to happen) N/A Feature - Build 61
Added Multi-Print option - Can not change variant to print (future addon) N/A Feature - Build 61
Fixed 'Print Setup' so it actually saves the settings 2/19/98 Fixed - Build 61
Fixed 'Remove all ' so it doesn't remove items from the base omni chassis 2/19/98 Fixed - Build 61
Fixed 'Compact Crits' so it does not compact crits on the base omni chassis once it is locked 2/19/98 Fixed - Build 61
After putting an XL Gyro on a mech and trying (and failing) put install a TorPit, the program will not allow you to switch cockpits back to standard. 2/18/98 Fixed - Build 61
Fixed rounding of the weight of Swords and Hatchets 2/17/98 Fixed - Build 61
Fixed LAM and Omni conversion costs 2/17/98 Fixed - Build 61
Fixed LAM equipment tonnage 2/17/98 Fixed - Build 61
Added 'Icarus' to list of engine manufactures and 'Unknown' to JJs 2/17/98 Fixed - Build 61
Not clearing 'unallocated items' box when deleting an omni variant 2/16/98 Fixed - Build 61

Note - The majority of the information on this page was once on The Drawing Board's main page at Masterful Creations and is now kept here for safe keeping so that it is not lost in the future.

Since Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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