"Member of the Periphery Armament Manufacturers Association"









We have begun construction/design work on the following designs.

Pinto Attack VTOL 30 tonnes
Chevalier Light Tank 35 tonnes
Puma Assault Tank 95 tonnes
Gabriel Light Hover Tank 5 tonnes
Beagle Light Hover Scout 15 tonnes
Kanga Heavy Hover/Jump Tank 50 tonnes
Lighting Medium Hover Tank 35 tonnes
Chaparral Light Artillery Tank 50 tonnes
Ripper Light VTOL 10 tonnes
Nightshade Combat Interference VTOL 25 tonnes
Cyrano Gunship VTOL 30 tonnes
Rhino Assault Tank 80 tonnes
Snapper 80 tonnes
Puyal 80 tonnes

Counter Disabled
Since Saturday August 30, 2003

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