The Human Sphere is a BattleTech universe set in 3100. The Jihad has come and gone, leaving in its wake dozens of small realms in a perpetual cycle of raids and small wars. Will you seek money or defend your nation? Or both? You decide.


The Human Sphere



"They may be monsters, but they're SEA monsters. What're they gonna do? Flop around on deck and suffocate at us threateningly?" - Red Mage - 8 Bit Theatre

Interstellar News Network

17 January, 3100
INN Reporters Missing!

16 January, 3100
Rim Collection and Regulan Navies Fight Over Bismarck!

10 January, 3100
Second Regulan Hussars Invade Bismarck!

9 January, 3100
Citizens Declare War on Taurian Concordat!

6 January, 3100
Civil Unrest Rocks Taurian Concordat!

1 January, 3100
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Since Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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