The Human Sphere is a BattleTech universe set in 3100. The Jihad has come and gone, leaving in its wake dozens of small realms in a perpetual cycle of raids and small wars. Will you seek money or defend your nation? Or both? You decide.

The Human Sphere

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The Inner Sphere

Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission

Terran Reaches

Allied Mercenary Command
Tikonov Free Republic

Draconis Rifts

Draconis Combine
Azami Caliphate
Proserpina Syndicate

Federation Expanse

Federated Suns
Robinson Republic
Syrtis Federation
Filtvelt Coalition
Ozawa-Addicks Mercantile Alliance

Capellan Rump States

Capellan Confederation
St. Ives Compact
Sarna Supremacy
Styk Commonality

Free Worlds League

Free Worlds League
Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
Oriente Protectorate
Duchy of Andurien
Principality of Regulus
Rim Commonality
Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey
Zion Protectorate

Lyran Commonwealth

Lyran Commonwealth
  Battle of Coventry
Tamar Pact
Federation of Skye
Solaris Cooperative

The Clans

Clan Jade Falcon
Hell, Steel &Ice
Clan Smoke Jaguar
Rasalhague Dominion
Wolf Ascendancy
Clan Sea Fox
Nova Cat Confederation
Clan Snord

Outer Sphere & Periphery

Raven Alliance
Taurian Concordat
Magistracy of Canopus
Fronc Federation
Marian Hegemony
Rim Collection

Civilizations of the Deep
Pirates of the Deep

"Computer software must not only work, it must also appear to work." - Carl Hewitt

Wolf Ascendancy


The Refusal War

Kerensky’s Chosen.  Puppet masters.  Greatest among equals.  Subjugators.  Clan Wolf has had many names and descriptions given by both its enemies and its allies.  But no matter what they were called they have always been respected as one of, if not the, most powerful of the Clans.  Until 3056.

In that year, the so-called Refusal War between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon brought both Clans to their knees.  That both survived, after a fashion, is a testament to the pure stubbornness of the Wolves and the Falcons.  But in survival their ranks were riven with death and chaos.  The Warden Wolves, under the command of Khan Phelan Kell and the orders of Ulric Kerensky himself, fled into the Inner Sphere to Arc-Royal, Phelan’s homeworld, rather than shatter themselves against the Falcons.  In the meantime, Ulric and the Black Widow Natasha Kerensky led the Crusader elements of Clan Wolf into the crucible of the Jade Falcons.

Natasha died against an un-Bloodnamed warrior, the laws of the Demon Murphy finally catching up to her after decades of service to her Clan and the Houses of the Inner Sphere.  Ulric’s death that signaled the end of Clan Wolf was not so clear-cut.  Later discovered to have been the result of treachery and dishonor, the Falcons responsible for killing him through cowardly methods were executed as befits such cowards by the last of the Wolves, Vlad Ward.   He regained the independence of his Wolves under the name of Clan Jade Wolf, but soon returned them to the name of Clan Wolf and spent the rest of that decade and most of the ’60s rebuilding his shattered clan as its Khan.

Khan Phelan Kell of the Wolves-in-Exile did the same for his people, helping them to integrate with the Spheroids as equals, or at least as non-overbearing superiors, as he worked to establish a new industrial base to support his WarShips and other machines of war.  By the time of the fourth Star League conference in 3067, the Wolves-in-Exile and Clan Wolf had healed themselves and were more than ready for a fight.  When the Jihad came, they got that fight and realized they were less ready than they thought.

Rasalhague Gambit

November and December saw the Word of Blake responding to the censure they received, despite claims of innocence and loyalty to the Star League, by the council.  By 3068, most of the major governments were in shambles, fracturing at the seams with their leadership gone or in hiding as they desperately tried to survive the Jihad an enraged Word of Blake leveled on them.  One of their assaults hit Tukayyid, the nominal capital of ComStar, and Khan Vlad Ward looked on with interest at the opening he saw as ComStar moved their forces out to deal with the Word.

The new year came and it looked as though the false Star League would band together under the leadership of the False Lord Thomas Marik, but January saw it shatter as information that he was a Word of Blake stooge leaked out.  Khan Ward looked on with glee as the Spheroids began to fall apart, returning to their own small wars with each other and the Word, leaving themselves open to assaults from afar.  The Jade Falcons moved first, hitting the Tamar Pact and the Traitor-Wolves, as well as the disintegrating remains of the Lyran Alliance, but Vlad’s Wolves followed them in February, opening up a general invasion of the Free Rasalhague Republic.

Clan Wolf hit the weakened defenses of Tukayyid first, nearly destroying ComStar’s Invader Galaxy.  More forces hit Ueda, Karbala, and Dehgolan as well, covering over half of the small Spheroid realm with OmniMechs and forcing each system to look after itself.  Reinforcements came pouring onto the worlds, trying to stem the Wolf tide, but the Wolves hit Grumium instead, forcing Al Hillah’s defenders to move to protect the factory world.  A week later, the Texas-class Touman and the Black Lion-class Stealthy Kill led a Wolf force jumping through Al Hillah and hit the Republic capital of Orestes like a hammer.  Neither the Rasalhague troops nor the remains of the ComStar forces could possibly stop them as the Wolves marched towards victory.

Then the Ghost Bear fleet poured across the border with the massive Leviathan in the lead, ripping into the Wolf troops and fleets.  Up and down the long border between the two realms, offensives exploded into action, drawing Vlad’s reinforcements away from what was left of his victim.  Alpha Galaxy, with Vlad leading it, continued to smash the defenders of Orestes as the war waged between the Wolf and the Bear, but the Rasalhague defenders came out to fight in walking junk.  They died, but forced the Wolves to spend precious time on them, holding up their invasion a meter or a kilometer at a time.  Finally in September of 3069, the Ghost Bear Leviathan and her battlegroup engaged the main Wolf fleet over Orestes.  Vlad sent the Stealthy Kill, the Touman, and their escorts to deal with the Ghost Bears.  They killed the massive dreadnaught, but it took the Stealthy Kill with it and left the Touman a wreck that could barely jump.  The remains of the Ghost Bear fleet claimed orbital control of Orestes from the Wolf fleet and Vlad was forced to admit he could no longer hold the Spheroid realm without losing far more warriors than the planets were worth.  He ordered Clan Wolf to abandon the Republic and return to their OZ for repairs and rebuilding.

In the year that followed Clan Wolf rebuilt its damaged Galaxies and Naval assets, as it also pulled more production and factories out of the Homeworlds to lessen the time it would take to replace combat losses.  When war came with the Ghost Bears again, he would not cede them the advantage of short supply lines.  He also watched with anticipation as the Jade Falcons continued to bleed the Traitor-Wolves and their Spheroid allies white as he began making plans to sweep down on them and shatter their defenses.  If he couldn’t take the weakling Republic from the Bears, he would take the next best thing and open up another route to Terra and the formation of a real Star League under his command.
Hell’s Fires

In September of 3070, the Hell’s Horses invaded the Wolf Occupation Zone and reports of disruptions in the Clan Chatterweb began to filter into the OZ, ending any other plans permanently.  Khan Vlad Ward was forced to move his forces to meet the Hell’s Horses, and went to the new front to deal with them personally.  And as reports of the Blood Spirit-led assault on the Star Adders arrived, he ordered a general evacuation of the Homeworlds of all remaining production and useful lower castes.  Even after moving the majority of his forces to meet the Hell’s Horses though, the Wolves found themselves unable to stop them.  The Horses had obviously seen the war in the Homeworlds coming and had taken everything with them when they left, putting all their hopes for long-term survival in carving out an OZ in the Inner Sphere.  They fought with a tenacity few in the Wolf touman could match and slowly marched into their OZ.

Throughout 3071 the Wolves and Hell’s Horses sparred over the outer systems on the edge of the old Inner Sphere, until September when the Hell’s Horses made another heavy push, this time for Csesztreg.  Khan Vlad Ward, Alpha Galaxy, and the main Wolf fleet met them head on in a bid to stop the Horses once and for all.  Instead the Hell’s Horses destroyed the Touman, scattered or captured the rest of the Wolf fleet, and destroyed or captured all of Alpha Galaxy.  Vlad died with the Touman, leaving Clan Wolf without a leader, without a fleet powerful enough to stop the Hell’s Horses, and without the best of its ground forces.

The Clan Wolf front began to collapse, falling back towards Terra as the Hell’s Horses rushed forward in an effort to take the Wolf worlds, including the major factory world of Kirchbach.  In December, the Ghost Bears joined in and began taking worlds from Clan Wolf as well, the most damaging loss being the factory complexes of Satalice.  By 3072, it looked as if Clan Wolf would soon cease to exist, absorbed by the Hell’s Horses and the Ghost Bears.

Exiles’ Salvation

As Clan Wolf fought the Ghost Bears, the Republic, and later the Hell’s Horses, the Wolves-in-Exile found themselves in a no-holds war with the Jade Falcons.  Only the support of Skye kept them from collapsing as the Falcons refused to bid or fight honorably with the “Dark Caste” Wolves or their Spheroid allies.  The Exile fleet soon found itself outnumbered and outgunned by the massive Falcon fleet, and began to fight a desperate series of delaying battles as they maneuvered to avoid the powerful Falcon Aegis WarShips.  Unable to stop the Falcons, the Exile fleet finally went on the offensive, hitting Falcon systems far behind the lines and forcing the Clan to spread its fleet out to defend its assets.

The Exiles took advantage of that and began to pick off the smaller Falcon squadrons, costing the Falcons numerous WarShips, some destroyed and some captured.  The Black Lion-class Implacable and the Aegis-class Black Paw died in these fast raids, but the Exiles captured the Aegis-class Gold Talon and Red Talon in exchange.  They also destroyed the Black Lion-class White Aerie before the Falcons consolidated and hit the Wolves again.  The Exile Vincents fell giving the remaining ships time to escape, but the Potempkin-class Full Moon was crippled and could do little more than jump around after that, hoping to avoid destruction.

On the ground, the battles went little better, with total war being the standard and the Exiles took horrendous casualties against their enemies.  But their Spheroid allies fought and died with them, holding the Falcons back from Arc-Royal and making them pay in cold, hard blood for every kilometer they conquered.  But when the main support from Skye arrived, several regiments of troops and numerous AeroSpace fighters, the line against the Falcons began to hold, turning into a constantly churning mass of worlds covered in raid after raid from either side.

For years, the Exiles and their Spheroid allies held the bloody line against the Falcons, fleets and ground forces sparring again and again over the war torn worlds between them.  Then in 3071, word reached the Exiles that Clan Wolf was on the verge of collapsing, its fleet shattered and its Khan dead to the Hell’s Horses.  The Exiles responded in the only way they could.  Khan Phelan Kell ordered the best of his troops to jump into the Wolf Occupation Zone in January to support their wayward brethren against the Hell’s Horses.  He led them from the McKenna-class Werewolf with the rest of his fleet in support.

Pulling Wolf forces from the line proved to be disastrous for the Tamar Pact, compounded by the total loss of Lyran organization in the Melissa Theatre, and the Tamar Pact lines collapsed until Arc-Royal itself was at risk of invasion.  The Wolf second-line clusters, Tamar, and Skye forces pushed them back at the cost of horrendous casualties, but Phelan refused to turn back, realizing that a gamble had to be taken to win the war.  Whatever the cost, Clan Wolf had to be reunited and its full force brought against the Jade Falcons to stop them.

The Exile fleet met up with the remnants of the Clan Wolf fleet, led by the Black Lion-class Blood Drinker, at Tamar where they had fled before the Hell’s Horses fleet.  The fleets nearly fired on each other, but Khan Kell convinced the remaining Wolves that he was there to help, not to fight them.  When the Hell’s Horses arrived to take yet another world from the crumbling Wolves, they met far more firepower than expected.  They brought more than expected as well though, surprising the Wolf defenders with the Aegis-class Chaos Sailor and Taney and several Fredasas and Lola IIIs that everyone thought Clan Ice Hellion in the Homeworlds controlled.

The battle over Tamar proved to be nearly as bloody as the one on the ground, shattering the remaining Wolf fleet and bleeding the Exile fleet white.  The Blood Drinker died under the bombardment of the two Aegis-class WarShips, but they fell to the Exile fleet in return.  The smaller WarShips proved to be a problem as well, harrying the defending fleets and protecting troop ships on their way to Tamar where some of the worst fighting in the Hell’s Horses invasion raged.  Khan Marialle Radick fell under Horse guns, leaving Clan Wolf leaderless again, but in the end the Horse invasion failed and the two Wolf Clans reigned victorious.

Divided They Stand

Anastasia Kerensky, holder of the Black Widow’s Bloodname in Clan Wolf, rose to lead the remnants of the Clan and cooperated with Phelan in making plans to fight back the Ghost Bear and the Hell’s Horses.  In the end, they agreed to have Phelan lead the fight against the Horses while she met the Ghost Bears in battle.  Taking the most experienced of her remaining troops, she jumped to the border and did just that, taking the war to the Ghost Bears for the first time as Khan Kell led his Exiles through the recently-conquered Horse territory.  Many garrisoned by little more than Trinaries in the Horse’s race to destroy the Wolves once and for all, the worlds fell again easily until Phelan reached Csesztreg and an entrenched force of Hell’s Horses and Ice Hellions, who had presumably decided to support the Horses.

Once again the fleets met in battle, but this time wounded ships fell back rather than fight to the death as each Clan sought to conserve what they had left.  On the ground, matters were far bloodier though as the Exiles, Horses, and Hellions fought to the knife.  In the end, the Exiles won a trial gaining the release of the Wolves captured in the last battle on Csesztreg before retreating from the system.  They’d made their point though, showing the Horses and the Hellions that the Wolves were not as weak as they thought, and that a total war would be detrimental to all involved.  Since then relations have been cool but nothing beyond normal trials has transpired between them.  The Exiles had ended one of the invasions that threatened them all.

On the Ghost Bear front, outnumbered and outgunned, Khan Anastasia Kerensky drove her troops into the soft parts of the Dominion front, hitting supply depots and smaller garrisons, forcing the Ghost Bears to protect their rear.  When the Bears diverted their forces to cover those areas, she hit their galaxies with enough to lock them down before jumping on to other targets while leaving enough people behind to keep the Bear’s attention.  Within months the Ghost Bear front had stabilized with the rapid Wolf strikes stopping them from being able to advance while making the Bears believe they were facing far more troops than they actually were.  Then the Exiles arrived on the Ghost Bear front, having stopped the Hell’s Horses invasion, and the Ghost Bears final understood that Clan Wolf was in no danger of collapsing.  The Bears pulled off all worlds they didn’t currently control and consolidated their gains, leaving the Wolves to lick their wounds.

And lick their wounds they did, in typical Clan fashion.  Both the Exiles and the Clan realized well and full that neither of them could stand alone after the wounds they’d taken, and that the only chance of surviving was for the two Clans to become one again.  What they couldn’t agree on was who would lead.  The Crusaders refused to be led by Wardens and vice versa.  So they did what any good Clan did.  They fought for command in a circle of equals.  On 10 August of 3073, Khan Phelan Kell defeated Khan Anastasia Kerensky and rose to his feet, the leader of Clan Wolf.  He immediately declared her his saKhan and asked if any wished to declare a trial to fight her for the position.  None answered his challenge, despite the fact that she couldn’t possibly have won such a fight with her right leg broken in three places.

Over the next few months, the newly united Clan Wolf dealt with the issues of rebuilding and the various difficulties caused by their long split and their merging.  First was the issue of Bloodnames, many of which had holders in both halves of the Clan.  The number wasn’t as large as it would have been under most situations, considering the large number of casualties in the fight against the Horses, Hellions, Bears, and Falcons, but they were still uncomfortably large.  And none that held a Bloodname would willingly give them up simply because another had been given a false name.  In the end, the Khans agreed to recognize both names where they existed, but with the stipulation that the names in question would not be given to another until both those who claimed them died or otherwise no longer held the Bloodname.  Of course, if one or both wished to dispute the other’s right to hold that name, a circle of equals would be allowed and he or she who walked out the victor would keep it, while the one who lost would be forced to try to win another Bloodname if he or she still lived.  It wasn’t the cleanest of ways to handle the situation, and many trials resulted from it, but it worked after a fashion and allowed the Wolves to concentrate on other matters.

One of those matters was a certain Katherine Wolf, who in another life had been the sister of Victor Steiner-Davion and the ruler of the Lyran Alliance.  She and some others from the Touman had reportedly escaped its destruction and been captured by the Horses on Csesztreg along with the remains of Alpha Galaxy.  Khan Phelan’s assault on that world and liberation of Wolf prisoners had netted her too, unknown to him at the time, and now he had to decide what to do with her.  As it came to pass, she found herself shipped off to the Fortress of Solitude, built for her many years past on Arc-Royal, where she resides to this day, an “honored guest” of the Wolves and Tamar.

Another matter, and what many considered the most important to begin with, the Khans then concerned themselves with was how to rebuild and reintegrate their shattered touman.  They ruthlessly cut out destroyed galaxies, folding their survivors into other galaxies to bring them up to strength as the factories churned out any machine they could as fast as they could.  It didn’t matter if their frontline galaxies went into battle with second-line ’Mechs or OmniMechs, it mattered that they had weapons of war to send into their next fight.  The warriors grumbled, but they too understood that if the reunited Clan Wolf didn’t do something soon the Tamar Pact would fall.  To the Wardens it was a matter of protecting the realm; to the Crusaders it was a matter of denying it to the Falcons so they could take it later.  Whatever the motivations, they were united.

United They March

In February of 3074 the partially rebuilt Wolf touman hit Jade Falcon territory, supporting the Hell’s Horses and the Tamar Pact in their fight against the Clan.  Helping the Hell’s Horses wasn’t in the plan, but sometimes war made strange bedfellows.  The Tamar Pact on the other hand, the Wolves began to work with closely, not a surprise considering that many Wolves still fought from within the Tamar Pact against the Jade Falcons.  The Falcons instantly began to fall back, trying to establish a more defensible position, as the Wolves marched forward, their fleets supporting the drive.

It was another long and harsh war, with more ships on either side lost, but the Jade Falcons had to hold against both the Wolves, as well as the Horses and Hellions, and found themselves unable to completely outclass either opponent.  The Wolves and Tamar carefully selected their targets, hitting the Falcons with overwhelming numbers like had been done to the Smoke Jaguars so many years previously, and advanced into Falcon space, liberating many worlds that once belonged to the old Tamar Pact.  By the end of 3075 though, the Jade Falcons finally managed to find the defensible formation they needed and dug in to stop the Wolves and Tamar cold.  Rather than force the issue and bleed more men and women to death, the Wolves stopped their drive and began working to consolidate their gains as they worked to cooperate with the Tamar Pact on rebuilding.

This cooperation took on its most obvious face when the fifteen-year old Selvin Kelswa-Steiner began to tour the worlds of the Tamar Pact in September of 3082.  His travels took him as far as Tamar itself, where saKhan Anastasia Kerensky accompanied him on his trips to see his ancestors’ homes.  Selvin returned to Tamar again in 3085 to witness Anastasia defeat Phelan for the rank of Khan and the renaming of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone to the Wolf Ascendancy.  And after Duke Robert died to the bullet of a sniper, Anastasia traveled to Arc-Royal to visit the elements of Clan Wolf that remained there, where on Selvin’s twentieth birthday, 29 August 3088, she watched as he declared the independence of the Tamar Pact from the Federation of Skye.  Reports suggest that they have continued to see much of each other in the intervening years, and official releases note their relationship as professionally frank with professional admiration and an eye towards national cooperation.  Non-official reports suggest a closer relationship.

Whatever the particulars of the relationship, the twenty-five years since the end of major war against Clan Jade Falcon have been mostly peaceful for the Wolves, as Clans measure peace.  Major raiding and preparations for war have taken place throughout this time, with the Wolves supporting the Tamar Pact while continually fighting trials, or just fighting, the nearby Clans.  The borders are always in flux because of this, though they and the Clans around them, except for the Jade Falcons, have taken to the general Inner Sphere notions of granting safecon to JumpShips going through their space.

Trade has become lifeblood to them, though it often takes the form of trials of possession in which the winner is agreed upon beforehand.  While outsiders usually laugh at that idea and suggest that the Clans have grown soft, they stop laughing when they see such a trial.  Fought with training governors on so as to limit damage, and costs inferred in repairing them, all members in a trial fight to the best of their ability to attempt to win.  If as the trial comes to an end the side that is supposed to lose is in fact winning, they “surrender” rather than defeat the last “winner”, having already made their point that they are better.  Some Inner Sphere realms have begun to adopt this practice when trading with the Clans, but it is currently most often used only between the Clans.  Unsurprisingly, the Jade Falcons and the Smoke Jaguars do not take part in such trials, feeling them to be yet another way that their traditions have been twisted.  The Hell’s Horses take part in the “trials of trade” but only with other Clans.

The Clan Wolf of 3100 is powerful enough to hold its own territory, has spent nearly three decades hammering the splintered Crusaders and Wardens back into a cohesive military, and has moved past most of the difficulties associated with the Refusal War and its aftermath.  There are only a handful of duplicate Bloodnames left, the vast majority of the owners having died or otherwise lost the names in contention, and even the most ardent Crusaders recognize that should the Ghost Bears ever make a drive for Terra to reform the Star League in the Clan way, they will be ready to move through Tamar space to catch them.  But with the Star League already reformed, and with both Clans being members of it, such a drive is rarely considered and the Crusader mindset has become a distinct minority in the Clan.

Furthermore, most projections currently point towards the Clans targeting the Jade Falcons with a major offensive sometime in the next few years, rather than a strike towards Terra.  The Sudeten Thumb separates much of the Wolf Ascendancy from the Tamar Pact, making its absorption an important goal of the alliance should it wish to establish itself officially.  The Jade Falcons however have heavily fortified the region, making any attempt to do so extremely bloody.  Only time will tell if such a war occurs, but in the meantime raids are common around Clan Wolf as it and the other Clans gauge each other’s strengths and weaknesses, keeping their armies ready for war should it ever come.


Commanded by the Werewolf, one of the last McKenna-class dreadnaughts known to exist, the Wolf navy is feared throughout the Human Sphere.  The Aegis and Liberator-class battleships Golden Paw, Bloody Paw, and Victoria Ward, as well as the Congress-class battlecruisers Rogue and Kerensky’s Pride command major naval formations made up of Great Wolf-class frigates, Dire Wolf-class destroyers, and the remaining lighter Star League-era WarShips the Clan still possesses.  Even with this firepower, they still hesitate to engage the Jade Falcon fleet with its larger number of the dangerous Aegis-class battleships.  Most naval engagements continue to be battles of maneuver, where the vast bulk of firepower on either side is denied relevance, as the Clans conserve their forces for a major war that may or may not come in the future.

The fast Adder, Gargoyle, Linebacker, and Phantom OmniMechs make up the majority of the Clan Wolf frontline ground military, with the Arctic Wolf II and Timber Wolf OmniMechs also making a strong showing for themselves in the touman.  The Timber Wolves are mostly relegated to protecting Gargoyles though, while the faster Linebackers have completely replaced them in main combat formations that are designed to move quickly and easily.  Special Naga artillery stars are used as well, though are rarely assigned to a front-line unit because of the dishonor still associated with them.  They are normally assigned with garrison clusters, where vehicles and IIC BattleMech refits are common.

Frontline Formations

Alpha Galaxy (The Dire Wolves)
Beta Galaxy (The Wolf Spirits)
Gamma Galaxy (The Wolf Marauders)
Iota Galaxy (Down to the Bone)
Omega Galaxy (The Ghost Wolves)
Kappa Galaxy (The Werewolves)


Bessarabia – Heimdall OmniTank

Carse – Ares Medium Tank

Cusset – Interstellar Harvesters – IndustrialMechs; Locust IIC and Griffin IIC BattleMechs; Satyr, Chrysaor, and Roc ProtoMechs

Harvest – Svantovit Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Kobe – New Pompeii Industries – Glass Spider (Galahad) and Packhunter BattleMechs; Satyr, Chrysaor, and Roc ProtoMechs

La Grave – Bissau Industries – Arctic Wolf BattleMech; Arctic Wolf II and Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) OmniMechs

Moritz – New Coffton Manufacturing – Marauder IIC BattleMech; Naga OmniMech

Planting – Dantron-Sontor-Belax Indriplex – Mars Assault Vehicle

Sevren – Anhur Transport

Tamar – Wolf Clan Site OZ-1 - Adder (Puma), Gargoyle (Man O'War), Linebacker, and Phantom OmniMechs; Satyr, Chrysaor, and Roc ProtoMechs
- Tamar Yardplex - Jagatai and Jengiz OmniFighters; Great Wolf frigate and Dire Wolf (Fredasa) destroyer; Overlord-C DropShip

System Information

Basiliano – It is a small, water-poor backwater world, orbiting a tiny star

Bessarabia – In the heart of the Wolf Ascendancy, Cintosh is an important mining and industrial center, building war machines for the Clan.  The sand dunes of Sirocco's Den separate it from capital city of Lothas and house the local garrison.

Biota – This is a water-bound world.

Carse – Orbiting binary suns, this world has four different season cycles.  A home to major industries, the Wolves supplemented the existing base with their own mobile factories that have made it a common host of trials of possession with the Dominion.

Cusset – On the border with the Jade Falcons, this industrial world is raided often.  The Jade Falcons rarely call for honorable trials, not considering the Wolves honorable enough for them.

Domain – Rolling hills and wide plains make up the majority of this world’s land.

Harvest – Auric II, commonly known as Harvest, is a major supplier of foodstuffs to the Ascendancy but is on the border with the Hell’s Horses.  Often raided but heavily defended, most of the planet's major cities and industries are located on the continent of Ohio.  Merchant traffic traveling from and to Clan Snord space and beyond regularly stops off here for rest and relaxation before traveling further.  Unsurprisingly, the Sea Foxes won a trial of possession for a sizable enclave on this world.

Jabuka – The only world in the old Draconis Combine where Teak was successfully transplanted from Terra, the Ascendancy sells the wood to the Combine and the Azami Caliphate on a regular basis.

Kobe – A paradise world during the days of the Star League, volcanic eruptions that would leave three of the five continents uninhabitable began as the Star League fell.  In bitter irony, New Pompeii was covered in molten lava, but has since been unearthed and recovered.  The volcanic ash in the air forces the temperatures into the subarctic range, but the eruptions bring much needed heavy metals to the surface that are used in the many industries of New Pompeii and the other large cities.  On the border with the Ghost Bears, this world is often host to trials of possession.

La Grave – Heavily industrialized and wooded, this world often sells its production to the nearby Tamar Pact.

Laurent – Directly between Tamar and the Jade Falcons, this world sports heavy defenses and a permanent fleet base to protect the capital of the Ascendancy from Falcon assault.

Moritz – Home to one of the many scattered mobile factories used by Clan Wolf, this world’s massive mountain ranges help protect it from the rare raids that hit it.

Rastaban – Rastaban Agricultural Products owns six trillion acres spread across a half dozen worlds in the Ascendancy, shipping its product to every major government coreward of Terra and some further rimward, often via Clan Sea Fox factors.

Seiduts – Covered in terrain that makes guerrilla warfare impossible, this world sees many honorable trials between the Hell’s Horses and the Wolves, as well as a few with the Jade Falcons though those are rare.

Sevren – A large agricultural world with a strong industrial complex on the border with the Jade Falcons, this world is heavily defended at all times.

Skokie – This world is an agricultural center.

Suk II – Nestled behind a defending wall of systems, this one is a major source of rare metals for the Ascendancy and is heavily defended at all times.

Tamar – The capital of the Wolf Ascendancy, this world is a major center of trade in its own right.  Playing host to a number of mobile factories shipped in from the Clan homeworlds before contact was lost, it has also become the most heavily industrialized world in the Ascendancy.

Volders – A religious retreat that supports no local militia, this world is a major crossroads of traffic in the Ascendancy.  Because of this, it hosts a constant naval presence and an Ascendancy-placed garrison force.

Wheel – The Valdis system sports two planetary bodies, a small airless planet called “Rock”, and a massive supergas giant officially called “Giant” but usually called “The Hard Place”.  The Valdis belts are a truly massive array of asteroids that can be easily mined for a plethora of valuable metals.  Wheel itself started out as a simple recharge station at the Zenith jump point, but has evolved into a mammoth conglomeration of habitation, recreation, and service modules that support the miners further in system.  Tradition makes it a neutral trading spot that nobody ever assaults, and Clan Wolf has honored that tradition, allowing free trade at Wheel, as well as safecon to and from it.

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